Hello, I'm Héloïse Colrat, an artist and glassblower based in Brussels. I collaborate with specific places and times, and there are as many projects as cooperation within a given context. I’m into things we hardly notice or simply don't know about. Contact me if you think we can come up with something together. Here's some info and links to other media .


Natures mortes


Nature morte à la banane, mix-media, 25x20x45cm, Nature morte au globe, 70x60x120cm

Ces deux sculptures que l’on pourrait assimiler à des natures mortes, invoquent des objets du quotidien comme une chaise, un globe ou encore une banane. L’imbrication des objets ou leur taille ne semblent pas réalistes. En tournant autour, nôtre œil trouve un point de vue qui donne une perception plus juste de ces associations de formes familières.

Ces natures mortes en volume intègrent la diminution de la taille apparente des choses due à leurs éloignement, ainsi que la superposition de plans relatif à la perspective.

Those two sculptures, that are similar to still-life, refer to objects from everyday-life such as a chair, a globe or a banana.

The interweaving of those objects or their size does not seem realistic. When you start walking around those familiar forms associations, your eyes find a point of view that gives a more accurate perception of those shapes.

Those 3D still-lifes embrace as much the fact that objects appear smaller as their distance from the observer increases, as the superposition of planes caused by perspective.

Photo credits: Aymeric Vanaers

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