Hello, I'm Héloïse Colrat, an artist and glassblower based in Brussels. I collaborate with specific places and times, and there are as many projects as cooperation within a given context. I’m into things we hardly notice or simply don't know about. Contact me if you think we can come up with something together. Here's some info and links to other media .


Héloïse Colrat (1992, Lyon) is a french artist based in Brussels. She is also the scientific glassblower in charge at Liège University for the chemistry department.

In 2023, she graduated from the Lycée Dorian in Paris with a CAP (professional qualification in France) in scientific glassblowing and in 2017 she graduated from Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg with a master's degree as part of the glass workshop.



  • Jette400-01, group show, Jette400 Bruxelles, BE
  • Résonance 031, group show, Atoma, Bruxelles, BE
  • Next Door, group show, Triphasé, Bruxelles, BE
  • Bullseye, duo show with George Chinnery, Spare Wheel, Bruxelles, BE


  • Le drap, l’étagère et le banc, group show, Faugères, FR
  • A Domestic Art Fair, group show, La Vallée, Bruxelles, BE
  • The problem with Tricksters, group show, After Howl, Bruxelles, BE
  • Cendar Show, group show, KBK, Bruxelles, BE
  • Domestic Science - Nothing For Free, group show, Pfand, Bruxelles, BE
  • Crop Circle, group show, Fondation CAB, Bruxelles, BE


  • Rubis sur ongle, curated by Thily Vossier and Chloé Momi, Bruxelles, BE
  • FOAB, group show, Rochet Sedin, Bruxelles, BE


  • The Ghost between the Guest and the Host, group show, Gia2 Viewing Room, Poush, Paris, FR
  • Art au Centre #3, group show, Liège, BE


  • Comité informel, group show, secret place in Bruxelles, BE
  • Curation of the artist-run space Sur neuf pieds co-created with Olga Bientz and Maxime Fragnon and featuring the artists François Patoue, Lucie Malbéqui and Laurent Roque, Bruxelles, BE
  • Quelqu’un d’autre t’aimera, group show, Minimarket 7/7, Lyon, FR
  • Percer les épaisseurs, duo show with the artist Amalia Laurent, No supplies, Bruxelles, BE
  • Freund der Family, group show, Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE


  • A perfect robbery, solo show, Soej Kritik, Leipzig, DE
  • Dimensions variables - Techniques mixtes, Valois Gallery, Palais-Royal showcase, Paris, FR
  • Le Trouble, group show, ISO, Amsterdam, NL
  • Talente 2018, competition and group show, Messe München, Munich, DE

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