Hello, I'm Héloïse Colrat, an artist and glassblower based in Brussels. I collaborate with specific places and times, and there are as many projects as cooperation within a given context. I’m into things we hardly notice or simply don't know about. Contact me if you think we can come up with something together. Here's some info and links to other media .



Edition 19x27cm, 44 pages, hand sewn and shaped in one copy, inkjet printing

Lucioles est une édition photo axée sur la lumière verte qui éclaire certains chantiers de construction.

« Du coup, la vie des lucioles semblera étrange et inquiétante, comme si elle était faite de la matière survivante — luminescente, mais pâle et faible, souvent verdâtre — des fantômes. » Georges Didi-Huberman, Survivance des lucioles

Fireflies is a photo edition focused on green light that can be seen lighting up some construction sites.

"As a result, the life of the fireflies will seem strange and worrying, as if it were made of the surviving material — luminescent, although pale and weak, often greenish — of ghosts." Georges Didi-Huberman, Survival of the Fireflies

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