Hello, I'm Héloïse Colrat, an artist and glassblower based in Brussels. I collaborate with specific places and times, and there are as many projects as cooperation within a given context. I’m into things we hardly notice or simply don't know about. Contact me if you think we can come up with something together. Here's some info and links to other media .



steel and glass beads, 50x24x28cm

"Rochet Sedin [...] dut rompre son lien vassalique afin d’être en mesure de s’expatrier à Bruxelles en Belgique, et ce, afin de vivre de sa peinture et d’enfin s’exprimer librement, les mains et les bottes désormais défangées, foulant le bitume étincelant et non-plus la crasse."  

Extrait de la biographie fictive de Rochet Sedin écrite par Pierre-Louis Thirion. Biographie qui fut donnée comme point de départ pour la création d’une pièce à l’occasion d’une exposition collective dans la galerie Rochet Sedin à Bruxelles.

« Rochet Sedin [...] had to break his vassalage link in order to be able to move to Brussels in Belgium, in order to make a living from his painting and to express himself freely, with his hands and boots now cleaned from the mud, treading the shiny asphalt and no longer the filth. »

Extract from the fictional biography of Rochet Sedin, written by Pierre-Louis Thirion, which was given as a starting point for the group exhibition FOAB at Gallery Rochet Sedin. Initially exhibited in-situ, this piece raises new questions when detached from its context.

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