Hello, I'm Héloïse Colrat, an artist and glassblower based in Brussels. I collaborate with specific places and times, and there are as many projects as cooperation within a given context. I’m into things we hardly notice or simply don't know about. Contact me if you think we can come up with something together. Here's some info and links to other media .


Autour de la bouteille d'eau

four C-prints, laminated on dibond, 15x20cm

Ces images sont à chaque fois la représentation d'un même corpus d'objets observé sous différents points de vue. L'imbrication de ces éléments et leurs proportions changent sur chacune de ces vues. Les photographies, elles, laissent perplexes quant à la réalité de ces objets qui semblent être en 3D.

These images are each time the representation of the same corpus of objects observed from different points of view. The interweaving of these elements and their proportions change on each of these views.

These photographs, them, leave us confused concerning the reality of these objects which seem to be in 3D.

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